A glimpse of the future

When you drive by Petrolia Mall you have to wonder. Is there a possibility that one day this place can be a thriving part of our community? The answer is yes. Ask the owners of the No Frills grocery store. With a committed group and a drive and determination, anything is possible.


Rain didn’t dampen our community spirit!

Here’s proof. Take the event we held last summer as an example. What a turn out we had for our Pop-Up Petrolia grand opening event for the grocery store! We had hundreds of neighbours come out to support all of our entrepreneurs big and small. All of this in the poring rain. Kids decorated their booths, sold lemonade and other goodies, and helped launch something very special.

The overwhelming turn out caught the attention of local news crews as well, bringing the situation of revitalizing commercial areas in mature neighbourhoods to the forefront.

Our committee continues to meet and work towards the revitalization of our Petrolia Mall. The Grand Opening and continued success of No Frills fuels our belief that Petolia Mall will become what it once was.