The future is near!

It has been a great summer with amazing weather and long sunny days – perfect for walking up to No Frills for groceries and checking out the latest happenings with the Petrolia Mall. You‘ve probably seen the progress, all thanks to the new owner(s), who once lived in the neighbourhood and, like us, want to see the mall return to what it once was.

With new fencing along the south side of the lot, new paint and awnings for the IMG_2493building, and a repaired parking lot, the renovations continue as the mall gets ready for new tenants.  Add in a brand new roof and a considerable amount of work being performed to the interior, and the owners hope to have tenants moving in shortly after these renovations are complete. There is also work planned for the stand-alone building and cement planters located at the entranceways.

1 Illegal DumpingDespite all that is being done to clean up the site, there are still problems with vandalism, graffiti and illegal dumping. Please report incidents of graffiti and illegal dumping to the city at 311 or if you see graffiti happening in progress, call 911 – it is a crime and EPS will respond if able.

But, you may ask, who will move in? There has been a considerable amount of interest for leasing space within the mall. Those that have expressed interest range from extra-curricular activities, to possible food/dining spaces, to specialty stores. The Petrolia Mall committee has shared the results of the Fix Petrolia Mall Survey with the new owners and hopes that they are taken into consideration when selecting future tenants.

With the strong support that No Frills continues to receive from the surrounding communities, it is obvious that we are all eager to see the empty lease spaces fill up with other quality shops and services.

The Petrolia Mall will soon be a social hub – hopefully, a spot where we can drop off the kids at class, visit over a coffee, and pick-up our groceries all at the same time. The future is near!